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Technical specification residences
Technical specification offices

The 3 tops complex
that is to be implemented at 110 "Bulgaria" blvd. in Sofia is a super modern residential building with ground floor spaces, luxury shops, offices, underground parking lots and storage premises. Owner and promoter of the project is ICON Ltd. Company.
Complex location
The complex is situated in a way that gives quick and convenient means of reaching the building using common routes: Bulgaria blvd southwards from the city center (being one of the capital's chief road arteries) and back, for those heading to the center through the cloverleaf crossing at the Sofia Ring road.   The complex is situated in one of the most attractive for new building construction areas in the capital, right at the foot of Vitosha Mountain. The location reflects the combination between urban pragmatism and harmony, the tranquility and beauty of nature. It provides easy access and secure communications to many important public buildings and cultural landmarks of the capital, as well as convenient routes to sports facilities and parks.  

Residential building with underground garages, office and shop premises - 110 Bulgaria Blvd The unconventional design and the dynamic fasade arrangement lend an individual expression to the building. Its impressive appearance,is attained through the composition of glass, metal and simplified details. A great asset of the complex and of the whole project is the planting design which envisages the whole planned and spatial design composition to follow the style of the traditional Japanese gardens, combining dry stone river banks, timber pavilions and a great variety of trees and greenery.


General information

  • Plot area 4200 м2
  • Unfolded build-up area (UBA) 24 773,94 sq.m.
  • Building foot print 2399,80 sq.m.
  • Basements - parking lot - storage premises (UBA) 5031,62 sq.m.
  • Office premises (UBA) 5894,46 sq.m.
  • Shop premises (UBA) 2148,91 sq.m.
  • Residential premises (UBA) 11698,95 sq.m.

Development|Engineering Team

  • Investor, assignor - ICON Ltd
  • General Contractor - TERNA Bulgaria SA
  • Main Subcontractor - Glavbolgarstroi Plc.
  • Architectural project - Studio АТМ
  • Construction supervisor - Expert Decisions Ltd.