Technical specification


The foundation plate is laid at elevation - 6,51, and Basement 2 is a shared parking lot with an entrance from Section „А„.

A reinforced concrete construction with beamless slabs and anti-seismic washers is planned.

Internal partition walls
The internal partition walls are made of double gypsum-cardboard sheets stuffed with mineral wool, which, if installation channels are available, allows fine and flexible planning of the premises.

Floors - Finishing works
The materials proposed for the floors and finishing works are parquet - natural and laminated, terracotta, faience, latex, hanging ceilings.

Common use areas
Guest lounge, marble stairwells and antechambers, video-intercom system, special floorings, suitable lighting, satellite, telephone, television system, twenty-four-hour security, controlled access.

Heat-insulation along the entire facade of the building, aluminium joinery with interrupted thermo bridge, railings made of stainless steel and glass, comfortable terraces and balconies, mineral coatings, ceramic or granite facade.

Electrical installations
РVС wiring ducts, electrical outlets in all residential premises - cable TV, telephone, Internet, Local area network (LAN).

Heating and ventilation
Separate ventilation system for the basement. Separate ventilation system for the underground parking lots. Water-pump heating installation with a gas boiler, mounted in the boiler room independent for the each section. The heating bodies are aluminium radiators, in the bathroom - "Lyre" type.

Intercom system, acces control system in parking areas and in elevators.

2 elevators for each section with auto system "doublex collective - selective". Electrical two-speed, with lower machine room, suitable cabinet interior.

Special equipment for parking areas
Remote control opening of the garage doors, acces control sistem, minimum height 240 cm, numbering and outlining of the parking places.

Special equipment for shops and offices
Possibility for temporary parking for visitors or setting up parking places for office use.

The roof is flat with internal drainage system with outlets both from the roof and the terrace. Metal shades for the upper floors are also specially