Gerganitza Palace

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Gerganitza Palace is situated in one of the most prestigious districts in the South part of the capital right in the skirts of the Vitosha Mountain. The luxurious building nicely fits to the rich in cultural and historic background Boyana residential area. In the immediate vicinity to it could be found the famous Boyana Church, a part of The UNESCO World Heritage List.

Among the indisputable advantages of the location are the pure mountain air combined with natural park surrounding, the nearness to the Boyana river, the so treasured for the city calmness and tranquility and last but not least the splendid panoramic view to Sofia.

Well developed infrastructure and effective transportation means take you quickly and conveniently to the center and backwards using "Bulgaria" boulevard or the Ring road of Sofia thus providing easy access to the building. There are buses from the public transport serving lines No 63, 64, 107 as well as marsh-route mini buses No 21 and 40.

General information

  • Plot area 853 sq. m.
  • Unfolded build-up area (UBA) 2135,80 sq. m.
  • Building foot print 447 sq. m.

Development|Engineering Team

  • Investor, assignor - ICON Ltd
  • General Contractor - ICON Ltd
  • Main Subcontractor - Stroikorekt Ltd
  • Architectural project - A4 Architectural studio
  • Construction supervisor - Expert Decisions Ltd